Sunday, April 8, 2012

Travel Haridwar and Rishikesh

Haridwar is a most liked pilgrim place. Here thousands of pilgrims come to visit here and nearby places. People have faith in holy Ganga River. They take bath in the river. Ganga river is called mother Ganga. People believe that taking a holy dip in the river can wash their deceases and make them fresh for the rest of life. Dying near this river is the wish of many people. For this People use to come in old age at Rishikesh. To see Rishikesh many foreigner come here and study the life of Indians and also learn Yoga here. At Rishikesh many Ashrams are there. Swargashram, Gita Bhawan, Parmarth Niketan etc. are there. These ashrams are situated at the other bank of river Ganga. To go other side boat facility is available. As well as two bridges Laxman Jhula, and Ram Jhula are also made on the wide river. Crossing the river on these bridges is a great pleasure because it swings with wind. So it is called Jhula. Laxmi Narain Murti are there in each Ashram. Swarg Ashram Murtis of Laxmi Narain are very beutiful. One must see it and feel near the God. At Haridwar Mansa Devi Mandir and Chandi Devi Mandir are famous. In Mansa Devi Mandir people believe that their wish is fulfilled by visiting this temple. On one side hill of River Ganga at Haridwar Mansa Devi Temple is situated and on the other bank of river ganga Chandi Devi Mandir is situated other top of the hill. At both the places foot path as well as Ropeway is available. People use Ropeway to enjoy the journey. A combined ticket is available of Ropeway for Both the Mandirs as well as going by their bus to Chandi Devi and coming back.

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