Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kitten in my garden

here is a clip when the kitten was about one month old.

kitten in my garden

Last year one cat gave birth four kitten in my house. the small room was locked from outside and we were not using that room for last two years. A cat found it suitable for giving birth of her children because the window was open. She entered the small room. gave birth four kitten. I knew when the kitten reached one month old and hearing some voice of kitten I doubt that cat goes some times in the room and it may be possible that she have given birth of her children. One day she braught one kitten in her mouth & put it outside the room from the window. Window is having iron bars. One other kitten jumped outside the same day. Next day cat withdrew other to kittens also from that window.
Now four kittens are in my small garden playing jumping here and there. They are cute, innocent, naughty, sweet natured. One can love their naughtyness, playing, running, climbing etc.