Sunday, May 8, 2011


I heard Mother Niruma's spiritual speaches regularly since it was started on Doordarshan National Broadcasting of India. It changed my thinking. and keeps me in peace in every situation. Niruma tells about Soul and you, your behaviour towards your spouce, children, friends and others. Behavious of money which comes and goes from you. Relationship of husband and wife. Anger and its reaction and effect on you. many other life related matters are discussed very peacefully by Dr. Niruma. She gave answers of your question so gently and satisfy you. you can go home with satisfaction and peace. She changes your way of thinking so that you can be happy in every situation. Now she is no more. And 'Deepak Bhai' is spreading her thoughts now a days. One can find her speaches on You Tube also. here is one link.
On web you can find and find answer to your questions.

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